This was our third visit to this property and it does not fail to disappoint.

This time we stayed in the bed and breakfast accommodation. The room was very comfortable and clean. Over and above what we would expect, there was a fridge and microwave for our use. There was also plates and knives and forks. Along with the normal kettle and cups there was a choice of various teas and coffee, also crisps and biscuits in case you get peckish at night.

The breakfast was very good, with a selection of fresh fruit salad, croissants, yought, fresh bread from the local boulangerie served with butter and local jams.

Being able to use the pool after a day out was a great treat. They even had a hot tub to relax in.

This property comes with a lovely garden, which leads to a pond and stream at the bottom. There are beautiful trees. Alison and Jason have catered very well for children providing a trampoline and swings and slides, whilst not detracting from the beautiful garden.

Alison and Jason keep chickens and are very happy to provide fresh eggs and even let the children help collect the eggs!

Nothing was too much trouble for Alison and Jason, they even gave us a beer in the evening.

We will be booking again to stay in this very special place.

Ann Livingston, 

Nous avons passé 10 jours magnifiques dans cette maison très agréable et vraiment bien équipée.(Il y a même un couteau a huîtres, pratique car le pertuis d'Antioche est a une heure de voiture...)
Les enfants ont adorés le jardin, aux arbres magnifiques et ses multiples installations de plein air, la salle de jeu, nourrir les poules et assister au pontes, apercevoir une famille de hérisson mais surtout la piscine et tout les jeux qui l’équipent.

Nous, les parents, avons particulièrement appréciés la douche multijets, les literies de qualité, la cuisine vraiment complète et la présence de tous les consommables (produits d'entretien, papier toilette, charbon, allume feu...) mais surtout la discrétion et la disponibilité de nos hôtes, toujours près a se mettre en quatre pour résoudre le moindre petit problème.

Pour les non anglophones, le livret d'accueil et les instructions sont intégralement traduits en français, certes la tv ne propose que le satellite anglais mais Jason est en train de réparer l'antenne pour recevoir les chaines de la TNT, personnellement avec le soleil et les 34° qu'on a eu tout le long du séjour, ca ne m'a pas posé le moindre problème, au contraire...

je recommande vivement cette maison d’hôtes, en espérant que cela ne m’empêchera pas d'y retourner, faute de disponibilités...

Jérôme & Virginie

We spent 10 wonderful days in this very nice house and really well equipped. (There is even an oyster knife, practical because the Pertuis d'Antioche is an hour away by car ...)
The kids loved the garden, the beautiful trees and its many outdoor facilities, the playroom, feed the chickens and attend the laying, see a family of hedgehogs but especially the pool and all the games that equip it.

We, the parents, particularly appreciated the multijet shower, the quality bedding, the really complete kitchen and the presence of all the consumables (cleaning products, toilet paper, charcoal, firelighters ...) but especially the discretion and the availability of our guests, always ready to go out of their way to solve any small problem.

For non-English speakers, the welcome booklet and instructions are fully translated into French, although the TV offers only the English satellite but Jason is repairing the antenna to receive channels of the TNT, personally with the sun and the 34 ° we had throughout the stay, it did not pose the slightest problem, on the contrary ...

I highly recommend this guest house, hoping that it will not prevent me from returning, lack of availability ...

Jerome & Virginie

jerome gatignol,